Smart Talks: Roni Collin

Volvemos a las "Smart talks". Esta vez le toca el turno a Roni Colin.
Roni es un finlandés, que sin dedicarse profesionalmente al mundo del motor, hace sus proyectos, unos proyectos que emanan buen gusto y excepcional cuidado hasta el mínimo detalle. También podemos decir que Roni no se corta a la hora de meterle "mantequilla" a sus juguetes y parte con bases de ensueño. En su haber vemos motos, coches, espacios y hasta un barco... Si sois amantes de las cosas bien hechas os aconsejo seguir su perfil en instagram donde va colgando todo lo que hace. También cuenta con un canal de Youtube, pero me temo que si no sabes finlandés estarás perdido.


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Conocí a Roni por su proyecto con un Porsche Cayenne. Sí, su Cayenne es atómico y ademas sus fotos no se quedan atrás.

Sin más os dejo las preguntas para que conozcáis un poco más a la persona que hay tras de estas obras de arte.


RENO: Tell us a bit more about yourself, who is Roni?
Roni:  I'm an entrepreneur since birth. Now 43 years old living in my home town of Porvoo close to Finlands capital Helsinki.

R: Your instagram profile exudes class. We mostly see cars, some motorbikes and boats!!, but that's not your only occupation, is it? What exactly is your job?

Roni: I'm a serial entrepreneur and involved with many companies. Medical, software, restaurants, Hotel and most of all real estate developement.

R: We imagine that the custom cars that we can see in your profile are designs out of your head. But do you do all the mechanical work or do you have help?

Roni: Yes, i'm more of a designer and visualist. Others are better making my fantasies become reality. I have many different experts in their own fields that are good at what they do.

R: What is your favorite project throughout your career?

Roni: I have many but one is a Audi RS6 sedan in 2015. There was no sedan in that period so I made one of my own. Looked like Audi would have done it. My Offroad Cayenne is absolutely one of my favs as is the colormatching Porsche 991 GT2 touring (there is no GT2 touring in the real world)

R: What future project could you tell us about?

Roni: A very interesting Audi Sportquattro S1 Evo2 is in the making!

R: You have just made a spectacular Porsche Cayenne. How do you see the future of Porsche Cayenne preparation?

Roni: I'm sure there will be more like these in the future. Not only cayennes but others that you can convert to be off road capable.

R: Do you work on commission or do you just make the projects as you like and then put them on sale?

Roni: I don't do projects for customers at all. These are for my own pleasure. Yes, sometimes I get bored quickly and sell them.

R: The photos on your instagram profile are very professional. Do you take the photos and edit them yourself or do you have someone to do this?

Roni: I share my office with a media company, they help me and I help them.

R: There is a fever, especially in the US, for Porsche Cayenne tuning. How do you see the future of this in Europe?


Roni: I think that in Europe it's just started. I would assume it's going to sky rocket here too. Lot's of people seeing my Cayenne has never seen one built like this before. I'm the first in Rinland (that I know of).

R: Finally, before the personal questions. Is your Cayenne for sale?

Roni: Not before I'm done with it anyway... And I'v spent so much money on it that no one wouldn't understand the worth :)

Like always... And now more personal questions...

R: If you had to quit your job, what would you like to do?

Roni: I have already quitted my job (only do investments now)

R: Your favorite car when you were a kid.

Roni: Lamborghini Countach.

R: A book.

Roni: Wolf of Wallstreet.

R: A food.

Roni: Thai food.

R: A place.

Roni: Finish archipelago.

R: A dream to fulfill.

Roni: Ferrari F40.

R: Coffee or tea?

Roni: Coffee please.

R: What time do you get up?

Roni: Early

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