Smart talks: Mike Ngo

Volvemos con las entrevistas más interesantes. En esta ocasión tenemos el placer de charlar con Mike Ngo, el fundador del taller de moda, el exitoso Eurowise

Culpable en gran medida de la fiebre de la customización de los "viejos Cayenne" Mike es un entusiasta del mundo del motor y su carrera es digna de aplauso. Sin más, os dejamos la entrevista en inglés. 

RENO: How and when did Eurowise start?

Mike: I officially started my business in 2008. Originally working for a local performance shop, and I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own shop.

R: What did you do before you started Eurowise?

M: I was a mechanic for volkswagen for 4 years and then I worked at a Porsche performance shop for a couple years. Meanwhile working on friends' cars in my garage at home.

R: How has Eurowise changed since you started working with the Cayenne and why did you look at this model to start what has been a revolution?

M: Previously we focused on making early volkswagen engine swap products and G-Wagen lift kits and offroad products. after we jumped into the Porsche offroad market our online store blew up.

R: What is your favorite project throughout your career?

M: We've had the pleasure to build so many cool cars, its hard to say. One of my favorites is the 1969 mercedes 280 chop top airbagged LS swap.

R: Do you think the crisis around the world will hurt Eurowise sales?

M: It hasn't so far. we are busier than ever thankfully.

R: What percentage of sales does Europe represent?

M: About 25% of our sales is international

R: What future project could you tell us about?

M: We are going to build a Baja capable Cayenne in the future

R: If you had to quit your job, what would you like to do?

M: Marketing and automotive design. I love using my creativity to create, market and brand products and companies.

R: How do you see the future of Porsche Cayenne preparation?

M: I think we've only scratched the surface. We plan to do more and more every year. Body parts, custom wheels, Turbo Kits etc

R: Do you think that the Porsche Cayenne will go up in price due to the fever for customizations?

M: We've already seen this since we began. I bought my cayenne from a car dealership for $6,900. I'd be lucky if I could find a nice 957 for less than $11,000 these days. We build 15-20 customer cayennes a month and we only have 2 lifts at the performance side. We are maxed out haha. I can't imagine if we had more space to do more.

R: Your favorite car when you were a kid.

M: Ferrari F40

R: A book.

M: I don´t read books.

R: A food

M: Pizza

R: A place

M: Amsterdam

R: A dream to fulfill

M: Have a family and pass my business onto my kids

R: Coffee or tea?

M: Sweet Tea

R: What time do you get up?

M: I dont sleep. HAHA

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