Smart talks: Giovanni Niccoli

The Porsche offroad scene is growing by the minute. A lot of people are getting excited to make preparations on the base of the Porsche Cayenne 955, 957 and now also on the 958. But Giovanni have gone a few steps further by modifying a 955 Turbo in a radical way. From RENO Company we thank you for accepting our invitation to this interview, but first of all and for us the most important thing is to know who is behind "themintedcayenne", the most impressive Cayenne on the scene.


RENO: Tell us a bit more about yourself, who is Giovanni Niccoli?
Giovanni: Who am I?  I am a 40 yr old family man. I have 2 teenage boys and I married my High School sweetheart.  I was born and raised in Southern California and even though my Dad wasn't a "car guy" (my older brother was) so I knew where every prerunner and trophy truck lived in my town.  I also quickly fell in love with the Porsche Brand and we had a close family friend that had a Black 1983 Porsche 930 turbo so I would beg for rides whenever I could.  I love Porsche and the history and story that comes with it.  I also love the adventure and overall difficulty of Off Road racing and dream of blending the two.  



R: Are you professionally involved in vehicle preparation? If not, what do you do professionally?
G:  I'm not professionally involved in the automotive space however in college I did a 2 year program to learn Fabrication and welding and paint refinishing.  With the help of some friends we have been able to do all of the work from my home shop.  I am an Entrepreneur and love growing small businesses.


R: Would you be willing to accept to do a project for a client?
G: I don't do work for other people. All my projects are passion projects. However I am looking into manufacturing our fender and mirror kits for purchase.  


R: Do you keep track of the hours and money invested in "themintedcayenne"?
G: I have about 2500 hours into it at this point.  With all the race costs I think I am into about $80K.  I havent had to pay for any hours or labor because they have either been mine or donated (so grateful for that).  I can't wait for the next phase of the build!




R: Have you done any projects of note before the "themintedcayenne"?
G:  I have built a few personal cars and motorcycles and several Porsches but the Minted Cayenne has been the most ambitious project I have undertaken. 

R: Have you finished "themintedcayenne"?

G: The Cayenne is not finished. I'm not sure that it will ever be done completely.  I really want to keep pushing the platform and see what we can do with it?  I still love it and love where it is going. 




R: Have you ever thought of selling it and starting a new one? We are sure that at auction it could fetch a good price.
G:  I have been approached a few times to sell it and I don't plan to sell it. It feels like it is part of the family at this point.  I do have several cars and things I want to build and other forms of racing/rallys I would love to participate in, so maybe someday but for now I want to see it all the way through and get it really dialed in and perfect.



And now, a few more personal questions...


RENO: Your favorite car when you were a kid.
G:  Porsche 911 930


R: A book.
G:  I don't read much haha


R: A food.
G:  Shrimp Fra Diavolo (Italian food) 



R: A place.
G:  My Garage with my boys


R: A dream to fulfill.
G:   I dream of shipping a project car to Europe and touring several countries.


R: Coffee or tea?
G:  Sugar Free Red Bull Please! 


R: What time do you get up?
G:  6AM (early but not crazy) 
Thank you Giovanni, it was a pleasure to get to know you a little better. You know where you have your home and from RENO we hope that soon we can do many things t

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