Smart talks: Harrison Schoen

Algunos de vosotros conoceréis y seguiréis a Harrison Schoen. Si no es así, desde RENO Company, os aconsejamos que lo hagáis aquí o en su otra cuenta 957adventure. Contenido de calidad en todos los sentidos os esperan. No solo fotos bonitas, una historia llena de lucha y aventura. Nosotros llevamos siguiendo sus pasos y en contacto con él desde los inicios de su aventura y creemos que ya era hora de hacerle una entrevista.


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Desde aquí queremos agradecer a Harry por brindarnos su tiempo y por abrirse a responder a todas nuestras preguntas. La entrevista es en inglés, para el que no sepa bastará con utilizar cualquier traductor, merece la pena.


RENO: Although, we already know your story, can you give us a little introduction and how you got to be where you are?

Before all the explosion in networks, you were already sharing quality and different content. Sleeping next to a BMW M3 (E36) is not something common. But your networks didn't start to grow until your adventure with the Cayenne arrived. Why do you think that was? 

Harrison: My name’s Harrison, I’m an adventurer at heart and believe not only that life’s short, but it’s the only one we’ve got. There’s no reason to do whatever you want to do with you’re time on this Earth.
I’ve lived a somewhat different life than others, I grew up in a mobile home, lost my father at 17 without life or health insurance, and having our home foreclosed on. Having to live on a twin mattress on the living room floor while my aunt slept on the couch next to me, my cousin had his own room and my mother and sister shared a bed. All in a two bedroom one bathroom house. I then left that situation to join the navy and had the opportunity to see more of the world. Spending countless hours out on the water made me realize how much time was passing while others were living life. I decided at an early age that I didn’t want to become like my parents and I’d do whatever possible to make sure that didn’t happen. While in the navy, I was house hacking and saving as much of my housing allowance as possible, and eventually made the sacrifice and started living for free on the ship while pocketing all of it. I realized that the less I spent on housing, essentially the more money I made. Once out, I moved to Utah, and started renting the rooms of my house on AirBnb and lived in the garage next to my car so that I could live for free. Eventually feeling overwhelmed by material things and the same desire turned to me living in the Porsche!


R: All of this is now your way of life, isn't it? In fact you even share figures of what you earn with the different platforms. What would you be doing if all this had not happened?
H: Yes, this has become my life! I don’t earn much money, but I’m very transparent with what I do earn! I know this will eventually turn into something that will make me money and believe there’s no reason to not be transparent. If I weren’t doing this, I have no idea what I’d be doing. I was a real estate agent before this, and soon after receiving my license, I quit because I realized it just wasn’t the path I wanted to take in life. I’d still be living an adventurous and life, though I’m not sure I'd be having as much fun. 


R: What advice would you give to all the young people who follow you and don't know what to do with their lives?

H: The advice I’d give to others would be to do anything possible to make your dreams a reality. If doing so requires extreme sacrifice like living in a small SUV, or a Honda Fit for example, you have to do that. Along with extreme sacrifice though, don’t stop living life. You need to enjoy your youthful years as much as humanly possible, because life’s random and no one’s guaranteed another day with us. Try anything and everything under the sun. In doing so, you may find 100 things you don’t enjoy doing, but you ay find the one thing that truly makes you happy. My past jobs include Grocery bagging, Cleaning tables and serving at a restaurant, installing hardwood flooring, home foundation repair, refurbishing shopping carts, a used car salesman, and a logistics specialist in the U.S. Navy.

R: Why a Cayenne?


H: I chose a cayenne because it was cheap. (2008 Cayenne S for $9,000 with 125,000 miles) I legitimately couldn’t afford a comparable Toyota. I had been researching them, and saw that they were capable and overbuilt, and saw emerging aftermarket support for them. I also wanted something flashy, raw and uncommon. It’s the perfect vehicle for me.

R: How do you see your future?

H: I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know I’ll continue to try new things until the day I pass. I want to be known for my adventurous spirit, and tenacity to make things happen. I plan to drive to the Arctic Circle in June 2022, South America in 2023, and Race in the Baja 1000 in November 2023. Past that, I don’t have plans but I want to push my adventures further and further.


R: Do you see yourself starting a family or are you a free soul?


H: I’d absolutely love to start a family, though it’s not really in the cards for now unless the perfect person comes along. It’s hard to date when you aren’t consistently in one place for long periods of time.


R: What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up?

H: I typically go to bed at midnight or after and wake at 9-10am. I enjoy staying up late because others go to bed and I have complete silence to get work done. No phone notifications, no calls or texts. Though sometimes I wake a bit too late and can’t respond to some emails as quickly as I’d like.


R: A book


H: Die with zero. A book that perfectly sums up and puts into words the balance of valuing and having experiences while young and not hoarding money until later in life when you can’t enjoy some things because you’ve grown older and less nimble.



R: A food

H: I’m not a huge food person. I’ll eat whatever’s in front of me because it’s not what brings me joy personally. I usually eat or make whatever’s most convenient because I can spend that time doing more important things.


R: A place

H: I can’t pick just one place, so I’ll list a few that have made me feel truly small. Swing Arm City in Utah, Glacier National park in Montana, Rock Mountain national park in Colorado, Big Sur in California and Grand Canyon National park in Arizona.



R: A dream to fulfill

H:  A dream to fulfill for me is to make enough money with what I’m doing to purchase a home for my mom to retire in.

R: Coffee or tea?

H: I actually don’t drink either, but I’d favor tea over coffee if I did.


R: Do you do the preparations on your cars yourself or did you need help?

H: I normally work on the vehicles myself, especially if it’s something mechanical and straight forward. Cars are fairly simple, and unless it has to do with tuning or the insides of an engine, I can do it myself. I’ve paid for other things to be done but it’s usually case where I want the outcome to be better than my skill with the project would allow. I don’t have any background or work history in cars, but I’ve just learned things by tinkering with more and more stuff over time!



Y hasta aquí ha llegado esta interesante y personal entrevista de quien ya es una referencia en todo este mundo que nos apasiona. Pronto os presentaremos su última obra sobre un Cayenne Turbo S (955). 

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